Ep 29// Need More Capacity to do ALL THE THINGS? Here’s the ONE THING that makes ALL the Difference!

I think one of the biggest challenges we face as mothers and just women, in general, is juggling IT ALL.

You know deep down that it’s got to be possible to be an excellent wife, an intentional mother, AND be successful in business...but you ask yourself HOW?

You feel overwhelmed and at CAPACITY, but want so badly to grow your business and do MORE! There never feels like enough hours in the day.

Yet at the same time...your heart YEARNS for more simplicity, more fun, more rest, more time to just enjoy the people that matter most in your life.

Again...you are overwhelmed and know that there’s got to be some way to increase your capacity and do it all WELL, while not missing out...after all, it seems like other women are doing it, right?

Does any of this resonate with you...have you ever felt the frustration of wanting to do more, but felt puzzled by how it could be possible?

Listen, I completely understand how you feel...but I want to flip your perspective today by helping you re-define what the word CAPACITY truly means for a kingdom entrepreneur.

Check out this beautiful Song :) https://youtu.be/QbJaM_EneMw


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