Ep 28// FIVE Simple Strategies for Crushing Mom-Guilt & Choosing Fulfillment Over Busyness...

Right now it is summertime! Yay! I know you’ve had to adjust and adapt your home and work life...and that may or MAY NOT be going smoothly?

I know you want to feel fulfilled at the end of your day.

You want to feel confident that you were productive in some way, but most importantly that it was meaningful as a mom. That you’re not missing the moments and letting life pass you by.

You want a summer that is not laced with frustration, guilt, or wasted time…

I know as a busy work from home mama,

If you aren’t productive, you feel unsatisfied...

Yet at the same time...

If you don’t feel like a good mom, you feel unsatisfied too!

Today I’m going to share FIVE Tips that will help you create more peace in your home (or simply peace of mind for you) and Cultivate Satisfied kids in the process.

Let’s talk about how you can actually ENJOY your kids, while still getting things done this summer.

Ditch the mom-guilt with the super simple strategies in today’s episode, no matter what season you are in. I’m Right here with you! ~Michelle

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