Ep 27// Part 2: Fasting For a Purpose. Spirit of Esther Rise Up!

Last week I shared a little back story about WHY I did a 21-day food fast! It is super vulnerable and I hope that it triggers your spirit to hear what God might be speaking to you in this season.

I know that you want to walk in purpose - The purpose you were created for.

You desire to live a fulfilled life and that journey requires a lot of inner work and sacrifices that no one else sees. Spiritually this can look like FASTING!

Sometimes we fast out of obedience and let the Lord determine our WHY as we dive in, in faith ...and other times, we intentionally fast FOR A PURPOSE!

* Do you have a specific concern you’ve been praying about for what seems like forever?

* Do you have a loved one in your life that is lost and needs to be found by the love of Jesus?

* Do you have an area of your life that you feel stuck, where you need a breakthrough?

* Do you need a physical miracle in your life?

* What specifically are you desperately needing?

I encourage you to rise up in the spirit of Esther and purify yourself, consecrate your heart, and FAST for your breakthrough!

In every situation, it is the position of our heart that is most important, and fasting humbles our hearts so that God can be greater glorified!

Yes and AMEN!

P.S. Check out these short videos to listen to some FAQ on Fasting and to connect with a book I highly recommend. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL39XSG-J9nGSvx0qcZq5LJDopYFszfKlO


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